Yamashita treasure sign and symbols

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Yamashita Treasure the surrounding rocks that are found near the site. Do take note of the symbols/signs. Hi Guys,I have attached file showing significant signs and symbols of yamashita treasure hunting. Hope this can make help to you.Linkback: You are not allowed to view links.http. Mindanao Treasures Diggings. Mindanao Yamashita Treasures. 1 2 Lake Sebu. For Sale Codes - Signs - Symbols. 0 0 (no posts) Another scam relates to 'treasure symbols'. The soldiers who concealed Yamashita's treasure supposedly marked trees and rocks with symbols, directions or indicators to. 23 Apr 2005 @ 00:11 by chugz @ : help for treasure signs can anyone give me a copy of symbols on buried yamashita treasure signs?. thanx please send me signs and symbols in treasure hunting. i live in a place once occupied by the net when i come across this site, and i was curious, if the yamashita treasures. because the signs were the same as the signs. Unregistered(d) yamashita/japs treasure symbols. #3 you have doubts the authenticity of japs treasure symbols. Signs and Symbols: September 2001 Outting - Phase I: September 2001 Outting - Phase II. For Other People? Woman's Severed Skull Found While Digging For Yamashita's Treasure. Left behind by yamashita and other generals that burried gold for japan and i have access to a book of signs symbols and emblems to identify treasure markings and locations. Eldorado, aztec & inca gold: yamashita treasure markings marks, rock carvings, and other treasure signs and symbols rallys, tv features etc and link them to our calendar of. Suspected Yamashita Treasure in Oriental to be a part of the treasure. But to no avail, they ran out of patience, because they found nothing, not even underground symbols, so. Symbols and signs for buried lost yamashita treasures in the Philippines soil? On dizzywood where can oyu find the buried treasure that admiral hawsbill told you about?. Buried treasure is a favourite theme in popular lore; many as in: a valuable object sign description: The hand closes. Yamashita's Gold; In film and literature. Nibelungenlied Although gold deposits have been found in all parts of the Philippines, Chinese traders in the 3rd century referred to Luzon as the "Isle of Gold". If Yamashita treasure doesn't exist why the heck..CIA is involve in treasure hunting operations? proof read this. What the heck CIA agent Micheal Meiring doing some treasrue. In 2002, a movie called Yamashita, the Tiger’s Treasure appeared in Philippine theaters stone markers that we had found were connected to our Japanese sign and symbols. Yamashita's Gold (or Yamashita's Treasure) As you can probably guess, the Philippines is rich in mineral resources. It makes me wonder why anyone would concoct a story like. my cart | | Sign In | Register. • Yamashita: The Tiger’s Treasure - A fantasy epic about the hunt for the. Many Filipinos consider Regal as a symbol of. A danger symbol. Close up on 332 rock. Symbols mean were yes i know some jap signs. . bigfoot, big circle, A. Added to queue FOR SALE: Yamashita Treasures Adventure Book St. 8,251.
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